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Alone you sat, illuminated only by the glow of the screen. You'd been so enthralled with your journey that you hadn't realized it was already well past midnight. Suddenly the game takes an unexpected turn. You drop down into that well you'd been curious about and find terrors you'd never expected. Or you enter Lavender Town for the first time and are paralyzed by that haunting melody. Perhaps the horror game you'd played with some friends earlier that day became a completely different experience in the darkness of night. Memories like this are practically a right-of-passage for gamers, and your favorite Nintendocore bands endured them all the same. Prepare for bleeps and bloops with a side of spoops. Nintendocore is far from dead... It's Undead!


released October 7, 2016

Cover Art by BLNK



all rights reserved


Nintendocore Lives Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Unicorn Hole - Trainer Danger
Gather around now, soon-to-be trainers
And let me inform you of the minor dangers
You'll face on your journeys to catch em' all
Better to learn now than later be appalled

When out at night don't let your eyes meet Gengar's glare
You'll suffer more than just an unexpected scare
Protect your neck from the bloodthirsty Golbat swarm
Don't play with Hypno, kids, you'll make your mothers mourn

If you grab that sword for some protection
Honedge will grab you back and add your soul to its collection
If you grab that balloon just for a bit of fun
Driftloon will soon have you dearly missed by everyone

Do not forget about the doll you left behind
Banette remembers, filled with hate, it comes to find you

Ghosts lurk the shade in spades
Reasons abound to be afraid

Don't pursue Murkrow for he aims to get you lost
Alone in a dark forest, you'll pay the final cost
Tempted by honey, Victreebel melts you alive
As a Phantump at least your soul will survive

But maybe you found your way through
Avoided death and made it to the end
That Ariados you saw- the one that let you walk
It tagged you with a web- it's coming for you and your friends

Under a new moon Gourgheist comes into your town
Singing its eerie tune as it hunts you down
It will find you and wrap its hairlike arms around
You suffer but that doesn't stop the joyful sounds

The world of Pokémon can be a scary place
So be sharp lest you should be erased
I'd say at least your dreams could be sweet
But then what would our friend Drowzee eat?

If Haunter licks you then you will convulse until you die
Yamask totes its dead human face that makes it cry
Jellicent drags ships and crews down into the black abyss
Chandelure burns your flesh and soul until you don't exist
Cofagrigius holds people in its body till they die
Headaches and delusions
Haunt those who hear Mismageous cry
Shedinja and Dusclops will steal the souls of prying eyes
That Pikachu may be a Mimikyu in its disguise

Alright, now with that out of the way
Line up kids, and get ready to say hey
To your very fir- wait, now what's happened here?
It seems everyone has up and disappeared
Well that's weird...
Track Name: Weekly Words And Grammar - Scissorman
Now that I’m here there’s no escape from this room
The tower ticking slowly counting your doom
I must eradicate your human disease
To feel your blood on my face, to watch you fade by degrees

Slowly slipping
Hope for rescue

My wicked soul fights to escape from within
Not even human, wretched monster of sin
This cursed house is both my home and my cell
And if I cannot escape, than no one else will as well

Mar your skin
Fear within

Cut cut cut
Bleed for me
Die die die
In agony

“Time will cause adherence”
Ticking down all our lives
Track Name: Glitch City Cafe feat. Unicorn Hole - The Bottom Of The Well
Song title: The Bottom of the Well
Composed: Glitch City Café
Lyrics and Vocals: Unicorn Hole

The pale cynic, the windmill guy out of his mind
The House of Skulltula- these should have been signs
That something wicked lurked beneath Kakariko
But I didn't hesitate to drop right into the shadows

Blood sucking bats and reanimated skulls
Pursue me in the darkness where my senses are dulled
And corpses that have clawed back from within the earth
Intend to drain me of everything I'm worth

My heart pounding as I struggle to catch my breath
Every corner I round offers a novel death
My mind is failing to keep up with my feet
Disoriented now, there's no chance of retreat

Has my journey gone amiss?
Will I perish in this abyss?
Am I to disappear?
Enlist with the undead here?

I've got to pull myself together
This is a storm that I must weather
I've got to reach down and find my courage
Overcome this as any other occurrence

I clutch my blade - focus my thoughts
Bring death overdue to the beasts of rot
I will not let this place be the conclusion of my story
I will escape this purgatory

Time to fight back!
Time to launch my counterattack
Snipe the keese out of the air
Giant green bubble beware
Gibdos and ReDeads shall no longer press me to run
I will suspend them with the Song of the Sun

I sense that I am nearing the end of this abuse
I'll soon discover what I need to see the truth
I reach the final room where I shall find success
But I am paralyzed by a vision truly grotesque

Infinite hands reach up from the dirt
Dead, yet twitching and somehow alert
Disfigured fingers take hold of my face
Their icy grip hold me in place
A wretched mound of flesh appears
Decomposed for many years
It writhes towards me, ready to feed
If this is truth, then I'd rather not see
Track Name: Are You Afraid Of The Dog/Starcutter feat. Shotgun Guy - Heavy Rain
How much sorrow can one take?
I thought these cataclysmic days were done
Letters and figures pushing me to the edge
How far would you go to save the ones you love?

I swear,
I solemnly swear
I'll solve this enigma
I'll die before I fail him

Peace, bring me peace
I'm headed in the wrong direction
Charging full speed ahead with reckless abandon
I'm somehow safe
Beaten but I will not be broken

Light, I'll follow the light
Like a moth in the night
Shred my skin with glass
I'm crawling, this won't happen fast

I never thought that I would have to kill
I never thought that I could lose another son
I never thought that I'd love again
I never thought that I'd find the one

Finally we have earned our peace
Maybe we can even laugh again
Track Name: Shotgun Guy feat. Weekly Words And Grammar - Household Organism Extermination
When fused with the terror mask
I am unstoppable
Rage and strenth grows in me
Put this mansion to sleep
Hideous monsters flee
As I mutilate everything
Splatterhouse won't end me
I'm not Dr. West

Single handedly
Bashing enemies
Weapons are luxury
Blood painted tapestry

I will not
Fall before
The demon
That was her
How will I
Find the will
To kill her
If she doesn't kill me first?

I am not a monster
Why must you be
As I am filled with rage
You thank me

Deep inside
Living mansion
Bleeding masses
Of laceration
The birthplace
Of my nightmares
Stolen life
Engulfed in flames

I come across
Hell Chaos
A beast of ungodly power
But no match for my stengths
As the tortued soul escapes
And my mask falls and shatters
Track Name: Anti-PizzaBoy feat. Thy Harvesting - Pills Here!
I see the hordes coming down the horizon! X2
Blood dripping, eyes glazen, they are the walking dead!
Brainless demons they crave for your flesh,
As they leave behind a catastrophic mess
Gun galed madness, you try to survive,
Holding onto dear life
Your hope is deprived

This is the end of this life we once knew
So pray for your life as they all break through

I see the hordes coming down the horizon! X2
Blood dripping, eyes glazen, they are the walking dead!

Take one last...breath as your life flashes before your eyes!
An endless...nightmare eats away this world we once...knew!

With one more bullet to spare, there's only one way out of this
Down the barrel is where you'll see the light
Pull the trigger, there's nothing left!
Track Name: Oak's Parcel - Plight Of The Undead
The memory of my humanity fades
Until only a hollow husk remains
Undeath robs me of my past
Amnesia arrests my fate
My tissues disintegrate
As I rapidly decay
Wits degrade completely
As my sense of self wanes
And the sigil that reminds me of the curse
Drives a cavity into my soul that deepens every day
My only salvation from this wretched fate
Is the bonfires familiar flame
This is the plight of the undead
Now if my memory serves correctly
I was on my way past
To find this ancient decaying god
And reduce him to ash
If I can just maintain my sanity til I clear this path of these exploding Fucking skeletons, I just might slay his ass
Track Name: Ultimate Combo - Nightmare
This is your nightmare
It will never disappear
It's an unwilling affair

You will die, not survive this unbearing apocalypse
Monsters arise from beneath the earth to devour your soul deep inside

Destroy your life
Annihilate, decimate, emancipate your victim

I will torture your mind with my magnifine
Your starwand will not protect your life x2


Crying, dying, bleeding, screaming, hating all of this pain
Using your weapons cannot save you anyway



This is your nightmare
It will never disappear
It's a unwilling affair
Track Name: Zorldo Kang - Spo0py
The sky is dark,
My music is dark.
I can't use the Sun's Song on my life.

Please just stop.

Now is not the time,
Do not stray.
Skulls in this field darkness paves.

The sun is setting.
Your life is gone, Hero of Time.
Track Name: €L​@​T0NiC - Inre Cirkel
skitet flyr från dina tarmar

jagade av hungriga vargar

en nyhet: planeten spinner

fly från platsen, glöm vad hände, starta om

fly från platsen, glöm vad hände, starta om
dö i stillhet, rör dig inte, finn frid

dö i stillhet, rör dig inte, finn frid

dö i stillhet, rör dig inte, finn frid
leta byte, ät din dagslott, rensa tänderna

leta byte, ät din dagslott, rensa tänderna
Track Name: A Challenger Approaches - Ghosts & Goblins
Here we are, joined by creatures of the night
Yet alone we walk, on this cursed earth
Bless this blade, may it aid me through this plight
To rid our world of this unholy scourge

Branches gnarled and twisted as if reaching
Soul engulfed by trepidation of the dark
Unearthly bellows, distant screeching
Tombstones echo the crow’s foreboding hark

Wielding these enchanted weapons
I vanquish thee to thine hidden realm
With this righteousness bestowed
I shall overcome the legion of the damned

Shadows shroud the crumbling structures
on grounds blanketed with blood
Graves reflect a scarlet luster
Splintered bones jut out from mud

Dashing through this cemetery wasteland that my world’s become
My lance used to eviscerate, each thrust adds foes onto my sum
I acquire upgrades and pick up loot I find along the way
My story forever locked inside this cart is hardest game you’ll ever play

To fantasize
To be a hero
But if I die
I will be nothing
There will be no hope for you


A legend I’ll be
In 8 bits
You can live vicariously

So here we are surrounded by the creatures of the night
Bless this controller, may it aid us through this plight

Wielding magic weapons I vanquish thee to thine plane
I must prevail in my endeavor, lest this all be in vain

Let not the grin of the imps intimidate
Evil is no match for my holy serrated blade

With this righteousness that I have been bestowed
The lord of evil and darkness I shall overthrow
Track Name: SWIMlovesyou feat. Darion Hammond - A Bottomless Curse
I can feel your blood
Pumping through your veins
I thirst for it
Come closer
I will bring your pain

I will bring death
I will bring your end
In this lake of corpses
In this bed of sin
Your body will rot
Your mind decayed
The stench of meat
Will never fade

In my mind, I'm not my own
In my body, I'm not alone
I am fighting to regain
What I have lost
I still feel pain

The Sin of Kos
A Hunter's curse
My soul is trapped
In muck and mirth

The Old Blood clouded
With each kill, yet
The weight of sin
Became regret

Will I be forgiven?
Will I be damned to hell?
This nightmare's never ending
He locked me in this cell

The monster wins every time
Until a hint, a gleam, a shine
My guiding moonlight
Holy blade
The monster it begins to fade

To Kos I'm sworn
I am reborn
Flushed from womb
With blood adorned

Moonlight speaketh
Whispers scorned
My soul is naked
I'm bloodborne

Do not fear,
child I'm here
With guiding light
My path is clear

The nightmare ends
Righteous son saved
Sins forgiven
Each swing of blade

A bottomless curse
A bottomless sea
Accepting of all that there
Is and can be
Track Name: Feed the Bears - Big Boo's Haunt
Let’s all go on a ghost hunt
My drive is not a front
Not my first rodeo
My motto is LET’S-A-GO

Red-capped brother of acclaim
Beating Luigi at his own game
Doesn’t matter where they are
I will collect every star

Inside the haunted mansion
I see the great Big Boo
His size of great expansion
Roll up my sleeves and wreck you
Three times was all it took
Deceiving by its look
“This is a piece of cake!”
That was my first mistake

Killing each boo that joins
I’ll get those eight red coins
Fall down through the trap floor
I try another door
I must be in hell
Books flying from the shelf
Moans call from underneath
That book has knives for teeth

I’m a running Jumpman
There is no escape plan
I can’t take any more
Take me away from here
Paralyzed, frozen fear
Chancing another door

Subdued, sweet solitude
Nothing making a sound
I will gather my thoughts
Not a single threat around
In a small, dark room
Is this level my doom?
I sense an end to this torture
But I wonder about that piano in the corner

A long descent into water
Haunting music in the distance
Consequences of my slaughter
End this miserable existence

Costed greatly by my vanity
Losing my sanity
Nobody can prepare
for this revolving nightmare

I regret entering this stage
All locked up in this dreaded cage
Eyes everywhere locked on me
My cruel fate is now upon me
Falling as their latest victim
I failed the Mushroom Kingdom
This is the karma that they condemn
I’m dying, becoming one of them
You’re one of us
You’re one of us
You have felt the wrath
Forever cursed as we all laugh
Track Name: Chasing Chain Chomps - All My Neighbors Have Been Eaten By Zombies
Zombies at the door
While I hear my neighbor snore
Unaware of the hell that is this earth
Unaware while evil gives birth

Someone must have busted open the necronomicon
And now this new chapter has its dawn

Load up those water guns with the holiest of liquids
Get some bazookas and some crucifixes
Zombies are eating my neighbors
Kill them all, kill them all
Time to do them a favor
And send them back to hell

Evil dolls
Shopping malls
Haunted shacks
Chainsaw maniacs

Kill them all
Watch them fall
I owe it to this neighborhood
Time to do some good

Load up those water guns with the holiest of liquids
Get some bazookas and some crucifixes
Zombies are eating my neighbors
Kill them all, kill them all
Time to do them a favor
And send them back to hell

Running and gunning them all down
Monsters and ghouls now run this once lively town
Grab anything I can
Never looked back as I ran
Take down as many as I plan
Hope I don't run into the wolf man

Load up those water guns with the holiest of liquids
Get some bazookas and some crucifixes
Zombies are eating my neighbors
Do them all a favor, do them all a favor
And send them back to hell

I've failed I've failed
Ten coffins now nailed.
Zombie's ate my neighbors
Track Name: Proto Buster - Paperboy Panic
"Oh! Now! Here we go!
Got newspapers on my bike and now we're ready to go!
Oh! No! What's that up ahead?
That statues come to fucking life and now he wants me dead!

Oh! Now! Here we go!
Got newspapers on my bike and now we're ready to go!
Oh! No! What's that in the road?
The Grim Reaper is in town and he's come to steal the show!

They are coming (X16)

Come on, motherfuckers, get me
You're all little bitches now
Come on and fight Proto Buster
You'll all end up dead right now" (X2)
Track Name: Erik Dismembered feat. Shotgun Guy - Terror in the House of Hubris
Terror In The House Of Hubris

The haunting screams of the insane
Neglected by the proud and truly ugly
That patiently wait in the spirit realm
To rise as one
Punish those who tortured them
The horrors of the unseen (they've been set free)

Haunting in the night
Doors slam with shrieks of fright
Fueled by fear
The smell of death begins its journey
Blood begins to spill
In the house of hubris
Terror lurks in the shadows

Tonight prayers will go unanswered
Not a sole survivor left
The insane retreat to their realm
And wait to again feast on the night of the dead
Track Name: Potato Hate Explosion - Polterpurge
Spectres of all size and shape
Exorcized from Evershade
Every Boo is screwed
Subject to paranormal doom

Sucked into oblivion
Behold the Poltergust 5000

Horror harnessed
Haunted Towers untarnished

Never will I run or hide again
Raging chaos inside as removal begins
Dark-Light Device devastation
Pale vermin infestation
No more bumps in the night, no more paralyzing fright
Time for an overdue vacation

Glowing terror brought to an end
Gloomy Manor is cleansed
Track Name: She Wants The D-Pad - Norman Be Thy Name
Norman Be Thy Name

What is this place? How did I end up here on the floor.
I can’t remember anything about myself. Who am I?

My memories elude me. I can’t recall a thing.
I’ve awakened in a daze, with a body full of pain.

I feel like I’m trapped inside a dream.
Is this real, or am I still on the floor?
I can’t tell anymore.
Discomfort overwhelms me.
I can feel it in the air.
There’s an evil presence hidden within these walls.
What horrors wait ahead for me?

Wait ahead for me.

My journey begins. When I walk through that door.
A true test of strength, waits ahead I’m sure.

(Radio: We regret to report the murder of a wife and her two children by their husband and father. The father purchased the rifle used at the crime at his local gun store two days earlier. This brutal killing took place while the family was gathered at home, on a Sunday afternoon.)

Suddenly, I lose control
I can feel the rage begin to manifest inside of me.
A true monster he must be to take his own family.
In silence, I hear them screaming.
Can’t tell if it’s real or if it’s voices in my head.

I can feel their presence calling out to me beyond the darkness,
coming for my soul. I’m just a puppet in their master plan.
Efforts to resist have failed me. I can’t fight it any longer.

I keep walking
They keep talking.
The voices they haunt me.
Whispering softly.
All my life I’ve kept them buried deep inside
Now they’ve taken control and they’re eating me alive.

Blood is pouring out from a broken fridge in the ceiling.
Aborted fetus lies on the bathroom floor. Still breathing.
The woman dressed in white takes me by surprise, she knows me.

Her mangled face will haunt me in my sleep until the day I die.

At this moment I begin to recollect, and like a flash
flood, all of my memories come rushing back.
Overcome by the crippling realization that the monster is me,
and the woman is mine.

I reap the consequences
brought upon me by the actions of
a foreign entity that lives inside of me.

Gotta get out before this place drives me crazy

Been here before, I guess I’ll go
again. Will these halls ever end?
Fool me once, that’s my mistake
fool me twice, that makes me insane.

After midnight, a chilling laugh rings out from behind me in the

My voice, can you hear it?
This sign, can you read it?
I’ll wait forever if you’ll just come to me.
There’s no turning back now.
What have I done?
A figure appears with a pyramid head.
Dragging a sword. This must be the end.
He pays me no mind, and walks right on by.
Sparing my life. I follow behind.

Evil has claimed this vessel. The man I once was is no more.

(Radio: Dad was such a drag. Then one day he goes and kills us all. But I’m not complaining, I was dying of boredom anyway)

A fresh scent welcomes me at the threshold.
Greeted by a blinding light.
My core has been resculpted, by the horrors I’ve seen tonight.
Though I’ve emerged from hell unscathed,
I’ll never be the same.
A new man stands before thee.
And Norman be thy name.
My world was stripped from me.
Taken by my own hands.
If it would bring them back, I’d walk through hell again.