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Smash 64

by Nintendocore Lives

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Jay Ashborne
Jay Ashborne thumbnail
Jay Ashborne . Several of these guys I see post all the time, some are my friends, and others friends of friends. Congrats to all of you, regardless. You're all very talented musicians and I wish you success where ever you seek it. Amazing album guys. Favorite track: The Boy And His Bat (Ness).
Arjax thumbnail
Arjax There have never been so many good nintendocore acts and this compilation is proof. Every track is on point. I think this is nintendocore's greatest moment. If you're new to the genre, this is where to start. Favorite track: Far From Super Happy (Yoshi).
She Wants The D-Pad
She Wants The D-Pad thumbnail
She Wants The D-Pad I'm so proud of everyone that put together this amazing comp! We've come a long way in a short amount of time, and I'm confident that we'll keep growing stronger as time goes on. I love you guys! Favorite track: Master Hand.
M0SHB1T thumbnail
M0SHB1T It was hard to choose one track as a favorite of this huge collection of massive epicness. Every song is my favorite, but this tickles my weewee the most. Great job everyone! Don't spend all from that dollar at once. Favorite track: Red-Capped Arsonist (Mario).
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Link! It's time for your awakening Can't you hear the goddess sing? Link! It's time for your awakening The sword of legend is ready to swing Link! It's time for your awakening Display your skills and defeat everything! Courage- it is the core of who you are Do not be daunted by this clashing of stars Instead kick ass with your rad repertoire! Smash these dudes like they were pots full of rupees With your Dark Link get-up you'll make them make a poopies Hookshot em if they try to run Headshot em with an arrow for fun Or suck em back with your boomerang Pitch a bomb to their face for an ugly bang "Think you can stop the hero of time? You're a chubby plumber, and I'm in my prime! Your dino is nothing- I've slain King Dodongo! This stubborn ape is strong, but he’s way too slow The very idea is far beyond wild That I would lose to a rat, some balloons, or a child! I thought this battle would be grand But it's not half as scary as Deadhand I thought this battle would be grand Seems there's no challenge for me in this land Seems there’s no challenge for me here Now I stand with eleven fallen fighters at my feet An evil hand laughs and rises before me The one who dragged me into this strange land The one who calls himself Master Hand We've been fighting under this monster's reign But I have courage and The Blade of Evil's Bane! A mere wallmaster this creature is not But I will fight with all I've got! I’ll fight with all I’ve got! I push everything else out of my mind And ready my last assault- it’s all on the line!”
New rumors have been spreading, Manifesting such brash disputes. The bond that we’ve shared has slipped away You’ve always held a perfect harmony but Your notes have changed. Struggled to find a cause for it all but You’re not the same. The thought of hurting you makes me want to die. I couldn’t lay a finger on you with this love still burning inside. I don’t want to do this, don’t forget I cared. Searching for resolution, but there was nothing there. This is far from super happy. There was nothing there.
You wanted a fight? So here we are. I blast you away to Corneria. I don't need no Krystal ball To tell you who's about to score I'll shoot and watch you fall Aviate forevermore Blast, blast, blast That boisterous crowd! Shoot, shoot, shoot The chanting's so loud! Fire, fire, fire! Get lost in the clouds! Sniping lasers like rocks, Now better obey the Great Fox. You're making me sicker and sicker, I'll devastate you, like Pigma. The sound of my Arwing, So dulcet, so jarring. Even if you're breaking the blaster, There's no escaping the Landmaster. Victories are preceded by a narrow road, But I conquered it with a Barrel Roll. I respect the fact you've stepped in here, But you're too slow to win, just like Peppy Hare. Here I come, come on! Your feeble pace has left me laughing Flying in light speed, outpacing a Falco(n). Time to end this show! I'm about to explode! Slippy Toad, start the finishing mode! My enemies gone, quick like a flash The master has landed, here's the ultra smash!
Uh oh, someone call the doctor Cause soon you’ll be seeing red If you don’t get a one-up then It’s gonna be game over instead I can be a hero to you [How] I can be a nightmare too [These flames] This is my world, you know my name [Will lick] I am the king of all the games [Your flesh] This is my party now You’re welcome to play but you’re gonna be drowned I’ll F.L.U.D.D. this scene, it’s your blood on the screen It’s my name on the trophy I’ll have you begging for mercy NOW BEG ME Red or blue or green Every shell you find These are the remains; The carcasses I left behind Were you even aware That I was capable of such devastation You see my image every day You know I rule this nation Mushroom! Your doom! Mustache! Get smashed! Super Mario! Super Mario!.. Brothers? The only commonality we share is our mother! All you do is slow my progress Your coordination’s lousy You’re inbred with weakness All I’m gonna do Is 1-UP you All I’m gonna do Is 1-UP you
I choose you Because you are my friend And after everything we've been through That's what friends do Please don't fear us No matter how small, or how rodent-like You're always willing to put up a fight You even do some things other mice can't do It's unspeakable, all of the dangers you've fought through Blasting lightning bolts of various intensity Faster then plenty, and always ready Sharpened senses, never caught off guard
He'll fuck you up with a coconut gun Taking your bananas, just for fun Cruising the streets looking for kicks Bitches go ape for his massive dick Expand your mind Expand your dong The ONE TRUE KING Is DONKEY KONG What’s up bitches? Pour one for the Fam Two for da stacks Three for the bitches Bumping this track Five for the Kongs And six for K Rool Put six in his chest Now who's the King, fool?
Laugh at me- "gay Kirby" all you like But in my nubby little arms I hold your life You think it's a joke- you think I'm here as a gag Until your laughter is muffled by your body bag I rest a wink, you rest in peace Vision goes pink, and you're deceased That's a lovely recovery that you've got there It would be a shame if something happened in the air Left you hopeless and tumbling to your demise It would be wise to realize that I own these skies Music to my ears are your screams This is not the face of mercy Bore me to sleep, yet I'm the one with sing Can't you do anything to stop The Jiggly Queen? I'll pound pound pound you into the ground Pants bound bound bound to end up browned
So this is where it begins My independence A legend that I will leave For my descendants I’m stepping out on my own My own blood I will dethrone For me there’s no going home Til I’m victorious Rank me as low as you want Stand next to me when I taunt I’ll kick you until you’re stunned That’s an extra 1%, son I’m not a clone I can dominate this world on my own And if you get in my way I’ll Super Jump Punch your face You can see the proof for yourself I can win doing nothing at all You can give me all that you got You’re still the one to fall Master Hand may frighten Lord Bowser terrify you Just wait ’til we’re done fightin' You’ll sob King Boo-hoo-hoo-hoos When you fools ghost ride in your carts My death stare will stop all your hearts Mario parties, but I got my own mansion It’s more than just a game This is bigger than me and you We’ve got the world to save Power up! (mushroom) Sudden death! (your doom) Lookin’ good! (mustache) Everyone! Get smashed! (I’ve) Spent my life in his shadow (Even my last name is Mario...) But I think it’s time you realized Scary things lurk in the dark Prepare to meet your demise I want him to hear my voice When he feels superior Say “You have a birthday I get a whole year” I’m lean and mean with my cleaning machine Look out America it’s time to legalize the green I’ll make my own claim to fame You will remember my name We are Brothers But the only commonality we share is our mother You’ll always be the short, fat one While I’m tall, dark, and handsome All I ever wanted to do is 1-UP you All I ever wanted to do is 1-UP you (Lyrics by Muffin)
So you beat the game real fast? Well here I come to beat your ass! Come on, show me ya moves! And I'll show you what I can do! Me and Blue Falcon flyin mach-a-million Falcon Kickin it into high gear Droppin enemy stocks by the billions All they see is dust and my falcon rear "If you can't handle the speed, then get off my track!" I ask "who dares to challenge me?" And find myself in a Mute City One man steps up, that man is you Then ya find yourself beaten black and Big Blue! Oh, you think you get a pass? Well here I come to beat your ass! Come on, show me ya moves! And ya better hope they've improved! Can't you keep up!? I'm in first place, my moves are slick From Raptor Charge to Falcon Kick Your weak ass is gonna get launched When you get FALCON PAWNCHED! I am the hero of F-Zero You're dead last, you're nothing to me, GO!
I can feel it breathing I crushed its cold, sinister touch Lost in my dreams It still haunts me My hopes my fears But the air has cleared Searching deep inside for help, but I am standing outside of myself Locked away in a despondent hell I mark the end So frail So weak You'll wish for death Release the pain I hid within Lost in my dreams It still haunts me My hopes my fears But the air has cleared The instant you digress your power I lose myself You beg to me Insignificant pleas You're dying Over and over again (strike one, strike two Third stock, bow down) You're dying Bow down
As your quest begins to diminish You'll find yourself racing to the finish As you make your way out, you'll encounter the scouts Head to the battlefield, see what we're all about We wish only to fight It is all that we know Whether we show our might Or fall like dominoes It feels nothing short of great When we smash into your face And we enjoy just as much When our blocky ribs get crushed We are the same as you, but with nothing to lose We don't have to wonder, we do not need to choose We have no backstories- no futures to compose Our joys are here, and we endure no woes We wish only to fight To attempt to KO But if it's dust we bite We'll return with gusto And when we clones come face to face with our source We attack our long-lost fathers at full force Though we pretend the intruder's odds are grim We fill with pride when we're defeated by them (Lyrics by Unicorn Hole)
I am the architect, this world is my design I am the force that made the stars align Warriors each, with powers of your own Your strenghth and reputations have grown Now ripped away from your kingdoms abroad This is my world, I am your god Bow to me, I want you under my thumb You don't stand a chance in hell! Fight for me, only death will set you free Battle one another- lay waste to these lands Destroy one another- until only one stands Set out with your foolish determination Push on to your final destination Now stand in my shadow, frozen in dread You are nothing to me, you are as good as dead Fight! Fight! As hard as you can My word is your command Smite! Smite! Strike your foes down I demand a worthy showdown The dust has settled, now you stand all alone Come forth and try your luck at seizing my throne I am the upper hand Despite my might you are breaking through It seems I might have underestimated you This battle may belong to you But you haven't seen half of what I can do


Mario ain't the only metal thing around here! The Smash series has a place in the hearts of millions, and it started with Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64. Relive your fond memories with Nintendocore Lives! First we tackle the standard fights of classic mode. Then some secret characters emerge and demand a challenge. With them out of the way, we head to Battlefield and Final Destination to finish our journey. Enough talk, let's smash!

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released July 16, 2016

Artwork by Cory Curly Swope


all rights reserved



Nintendocore Lives Ottawa, Ontario

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