Robot Masters

by Nintendocore Lives

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A compilation album done by various nintendocore artists. It is a Mega Man themed album. This album was made to be posted on the Nintendocore Lives blog.


released May 11, 2015

Unicorn Hole, Critical Dismemberment, Tyler Hendricks, Shotgun Guy, Grotesque Liver, Pestilential Glitch, Acosm, Are You Afraid Of The Dog, SWIMlovesyou, Poopmaster



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Nintendocore Lives Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Glitch Slap by Unicorn Hole
Now that I've learned each game till the last one was gone,
Tonight's the night- the real game is on!
I'll have it done before the break of dawn- My Mega Man Mega Marathon!

One through ten, and all the Xs too- I'll beat them all, yeah I will breeze right through.
I won't lose one life, or miss one lemon pitch. All night long Wiley will be my bitch!

My years of training are paying off. Instead of weeping, bosses only make me scoff.
Level by level, and game by game- I kick each boss' ass and make em look hella lame!
I start the final game with an hour to spare. I seek the final boss, and have no trouble getting there.
When he's dead I'll be done; there will be nothing more. And I've kicked this dudes shit a million times before!

But wait.. What's this? Something is very wrong.. What the hell is going on?
His sprite is messed up. Why are his eyes red? His health bar shows that he's already dead!
"You're done well to come this far, but you'll find you've found a foe too bizarre!
My powers are too great for you to comprehend. I am Glitch Man, and I will be your end."

Oh no you won't!
I have come too far, I will not stand by and fail my perfect run!
You will go down like the rest! The final battle has begun!

Oh no! He lands a hit!
He uses moves that don't even exist- tanks my attacks, hit after hit!
Now the controller is zapping my hands, but I will make him pay for ruining my plan!
I'm running low on health now. He seems to be invincible.
Maybe thinking that I could win was just be being a fool..

But wait!
It seems his health bar has rolled back around!
It's full right now, but I can widdle it down!
It's game over if I take just one hit, but I'm focused. I know this- I can do it!

I finish Glitch Man off, and gain his power too. I wonder what the heck this new move will do..
Mega Man stands in a strange new room, so I try it out with no further ado.

When I press the button, Glitch Man's face fills the screen.
Startled, I let out an embarrassing scream.

"I let you think you'd won, just to crush your dreams!
And your perfect run has been erased, so it seems. Bwahaha!
But you can't do it over, because from now until you meet your doom
Every game you play will glitch and turn into SONIC BOOM!"
Noooooooooo please just kill me!
Don't fuck with Glitch Man.