Misunderstood Villains

by Nintendocore Lives

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“Misunderstood Villains” is the 2nd compilation album released by Nintendocore Lives. The album features twelve tracks by twelve different artists. All of the songs are written from the perspective of a misunderstood villain. Check out nintendocorelives.blogspot.com for the most recent Nintendocore releases.


released November 27, 2015

She Wants The D-Pad, Unicorn Hole, Star Road, Tyler Hendricks, Poopmaster, Are You Afraid Of The Dog, Shotgun Guy, Proto Buster, GooPedigree and the Flea Squad, Falcon Pawnch, Andrew G, Chasing Chain Chomps, A Challenger Approaches

Design concept and artwork by Talon Tarter
Additional Artwork and design by Katie Lamoureux

Special Thanks to Otto Kinzel IV and Erik Martin for investing their time and energy in helping to promote this compilation. Special thanks to Lavendar Conspiracy Records,NGFY Radio,DJ Jakk Dredd, Metal Gallows, Blacken Horde Zine, Cord of Destruction Radio, 365 Radio Network, Nuclear Rock Radio, Castle Blakk Radio, Ringmaster Review, Xtreme Alchemy Radio, Metal Devestation Radio,Whatever68Radio and the PunkrPrincess Whatever Show,NOG Records,Riley Phase, Oaks Parcel, N-Core Prod.



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Nintendocore Lives Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: She Wants The D-Pad - Ballad O' Bowser (Super Mario Bros-Bowser)
I gave her just one rule for her upcoming bash:
Do what you want but don't invite that dirty mustache
But I already know that this party will be - crashed

He shows up every time, and I take her away
Maybe he'll get the goddamn hint one day
I wonder what goes on in that greasy head of his
Half the time I don't think he knows where he is

Says turtles are demons, smashes his head on bricks
Stomps on what he calls goombas- piles of dog shit
He- hasn't- got a fuckin clue

Says he's a plumber but is never seen round town
All his money is coins that he found on the ground
He spends it all on shrooms, to feel like a big man
So I keep her as far away as I can
I keep her far away!

He always wears those dirty overalls
His odor brings to mind sasquatch balls
I've never seen him without that gaudy hat
And how the hell does a druggie stay so fat?

I hate that Mario
Wish he'd go away, but no

He shows up every time, and I take her away
Maybe he'll get the goddamn hint one day
I wonder what goes on in that greasy head of his
Half the time I don't think he knows where he is

He sees me as a monster- a big bad guy to slaughter
I don't care what he says- I must protect my daughter

I'll fight until the end of time has passed
To keep her away from that damn mustache
Track Name: Unicorn Hole - The King of Evil (Legend of Zelda-Ganondorf)
Under a blistering sun we endured searing winds
Which carried sand that battered us to no end
And when the moon took to the stage again
A frigid gale ensured our wounds would not mend

Our culture cast out, our goddess banned
The time had come for me to make a stand

When atop their castle a Gerudo flag unfurled
My new Hyrule would be known across the world
As a sanctuary where we neglected no race
And the royalty there currently would be disgraced

I'm called The King of Evil- The King of Thieves
How easily their king deceives them all
If we're to be despised just because we're alive
Then I'll give them a proper reason why!

I won't deny that I was driven by my hate
I did horrible things to get through that gate
But I knew this was fate, and I would not cower
I obtained the Triforce- the ultimate power

But things did not go exactly as I had planned
The Golden Power fractured in my hands
My path had left me an unbalanced man
So pure, brute force became my brand

My strength was compelling- intoxicating
I could not see that my vision was fading
Fixed on the end, I lost sight of the fray
Found myself behind that gate- and sealed away

In a timeless state, in perpetual gloom
Consumed by hate in that sacred room
Sent by those kids to an eternal tomb
I swore that I would be their doom

And I did break free, and seek the Triforce again
Pursued revenge fueled by the hate I'd grown within
I crushed everything that dared stand in my way
Gathered each golden shard but once again things went astray

Despite my triumphs throughout the war
I was denied of what I'd fought for
The world I knew was swallowed by the sea
Everything I loved was taken from me
I had risen up, against all odds
When their world failed to stop me, they sent their gods
Fight for my people- my mission was succinct
But I must live with the truth now- my people are extinct

Lost in the blackness of the depths below
It seems that misery is all their gods bestow
Upon my race, seems failure is our lot
Maybe I should just accept that..
..but I will not
Track Name: Star Road - I've Got More Arms Than You Do A Life (Final Fantasy VI-Ultros)
Mother always said I was a slow learner-
But I could eat so fucking fast.

Don't tease the octopus kids!
I ain't no kid... I ain't no squid...

This is my final fantasy!
I ain't no kid... I ain't no squid...

Mother always said I was a slow learner-
But I could eat so fucking fast.

I ain't no kid! I ain't no squid!

I'm nothing more than a stupid octopus...

You're up the creek, with no paddle;
Does that make me a bad octopus?
Track Name: Tyler Hendricks - Nightmare (Kirby-Nightmare)
I'm not what dwells in the darkness
I am the [darkness itself]x2
I am the black that eats the [sky each night]x3
I am the void that brings your plight

The demons of your world are my children all
And under me, they could be your downfall
We live in your hearts, and keep you enthralled

Forever fear us! [x2]

No distant corner of the galaxy
Is safe from the nightmares that I bring [x2]

I'm not what dwells in the darkness
Im the darkness itself
I am the black that eats the sky each night
[I am the void that brings your plight]x2

I am the embodiment of your dismay
To try to escape me, is to delay
But it is the only way..

I am the catalyst you need to advance
If there's nothing to fear in the void of night
Then there's no reason to pursue the light

"True to my name, I am but a dream that lives in your heart. Therefore, I am immortal. For as long as there is fear in your heart, I will someday return."
Track Name: Poopmaster - Mecha Hitler (Wolfenstein-Mecha Hitler)
There isn't anyone who doesn't know my name
My brutality, my moustache, or my reign
My country's undies know me as a big shit stain
The only thing that no one knows is my pain
I am Mecha Hitler - robbed of eternal rest
Cold steel and rockets where once were my man breasts
Not sure if I had a heart - I know that I don't now
If pain is found in udders, then I'm the ripest cow

You do not know - who I am
I do not know - where to begin

You're all pawns in their plans, and you don't even know
You damn your savior and protect your foes
I can't seem to make you understand
I'll fight on as the world's most hated man

My reptilian lords came from beyond the stars
Set up shop inside the earth - like deep down far
I was created from the genes of many men
When I matured my mission did then begin:
Save the world from the all-controlling Jews
That's right people, I'm here to protect you
The jews control the money, media, and masses
I am the savior sent to kick their greedy asses

The Giga Jew will make mankind kneel and beg
He'll hatch from within the moon - his mighty egg
When the Jews have enough cash to summon him
And after that all of our fates are pretty grim
But no matter what, I will never let us fall
So you just trust me and my one remaining ball
If you stand in my way, I will have to put you down
Just know I love you and I do so with a frown
Track Name: Are You Afraid Of The Dog - Peace Is But A Shadow (Final Fantasy IX-Kuja)
Let us bask in opulence
With raindrops blessing our victory
Manufacturing commotion
I'll bring any foe unto defeat
Narcissism is warranted
When your have the whole world in your hands

Wait! Who is this replacement?
Who could be more perfect?

I'll abandon you
In a far off land
Banished myself?
I'll seek my revenge
Ultimate power
Is the talk of legends
I'll make my mark
We'll see who's laughing then

My path of destruction
Was quite spectacular
A nemesis a brother
So misunderstood, spectacular
If I can't exist
You are all coming with me
An angel of death
Why the fuck was it me?

It took losing everything
To realize what it means to live
I thank you my enemies...
You showed me what it means to live.
Track Name: Shotgun Guy - Code Name Destroy Daisy (Doom-Shotgun Guy)
The Baron wasteland now known as Hell
Is more or less an empty shell
Of something that used to be
With inhabitants that were happy

Then marched along the evil rabbit brigade
We almost won, but then she came to their aid
Daisy was raised to fight and she is full of rage
Primary objective: get her head on a stake

We begged for mercy as they terrorized our land
we are relentlessly slaughtered, and left for dead

As soon as he was made aware
Of his pet's screams and cries of despair
He signed up for the next one way trip
Straight to Hell, our asses he would rip

Plowing through our evil forces
Ripping Hell to tiny pieces
Haven't we been punished enough?
I guess our cyberdemons aren't so tough

The icon of sin arose
What will happen next, only he knows

John Romero: fair and square, you are the victor
Hell will subside and relinquish your world
But one more thing, before eternal damnation
Daisy is dead, but you can have her head
Track Name: Proto Buster - Dr.Wily's Revenge (Mega Man-Dr.Wily)
Get ready here I am coming
Dr. Wily
This time I am ready for you
You must fight my
Robot masters
Mega Man you are in trouble
You are getting
Fucking owned now
Come on go ahead and try now
You will not win
Come and try it

I've got eight new robot masters
They're gonna crush you into dust
You will not defeat me this time
Come on fight him now my children

I will finally rule the world
With an iron fist, it's my time
Nobody will stop Dr. Wily
Kneel down at my feet you sad creatures

I will fucking end your pathetic little life
With my machines of destruction come on get some

Dr. Wily (X4)
Track Name: GooPedigree and the Flea Squad - The Ballad of Queen Slug for a Butt (Earthworm Jim-Queen Slug For A Butt)
Momma did not raise a loser,
I was told I could have it all
I thought all was well
Until that day that stole my suit
What was he thinking?

I am so beautiful
Momma did not raise a loser

All ruined by some bug
All I've ever wanted was what's mine
All I've ever had was all mine
Why would he take what's mine?

I am so beautiful

But now I'm cold on the inside
(And) all of my ambition has died
Track Name: Falcon Pawnch feat Andrew G - As Darkness Swept The Earth (Final Fantasy VII-Sephiroth)
I am the most powerful member of soldier.
Shinra’s most elite- those who can’t be beat.
Hail me as victorious in the Shinra-Wutai war.

I was sent on a secret mission to the village of Nibelheim,
I discovered biological experiments.
There was tissue of an extraterrestrial life form called Jenova.
Wait, you’re telling me I was injected with it too?

How was I to know, you were my real mom?
2000 years ago you tried to take over the planet.
I will follow in your footsteps mom, I will become God. God.

Pray for your lives!
I will summon meteor’s destructive power to crush you all.
Let the lifestream flow. I will merge with it.

Bring it on Cloud you bitch. You’ll be like Aeris next.
Bring all the summons you can. Bahamut means nothing to me.
Omni Slash doesn’t have jack shit on my power.
Bring everything you can; I have an ultimate form.

Bring your friends, bring your family…
I will slaughter mercilessly.
Track Name: Chasing Chain Chomps - Andross (Star Fox-Andross)
The cure is right in front of me
Right here, right where I can see
So close it's in my sight
This is not the time for a fight
But the fox, he insists
Shoots me in my fists
I scream "there's no time for this"
But his aim doesn't miss

The end will come if I don't get the cure
The end of all, I'm sure

He shoots at me, it's hard to fight back
When you're blinded by a surprise attack
Right in the eyes
Why do the believe his lies?

He ruined my reputation, misled them all
Fox will be this planet's downfall

Still they believe I'm the evil one

The fox runs like a coward
But at this point the lies spread, and they all heard
I attacked first?
Betrayal is the worst

The cure is right in front of me
Right here, right where I can see

Everyone believes I should die
This will be my final try
To save the world

He convinced them all
To assist my fall

Fire your lasers
Propel a bomb
Charge your shot
Kill me now

It's simple to see I've done nothing wrong
The fox and his crew won't be here long

Try your best but good will prevail
The top of your coffin I'll hammer this last nail
You won't get away with this
I will smash you with my fists

I see the fox and think he's dead
But it's a simple trick to get to my head
This is the end I fear
It's all downhill from here

This is the end

The cure is lost forever
The end is nigh

You have destroyed my face
I self destructed but you won the race
My cure will never be found
You're the most evil villain around
Track Name: A Challenger Approaches - Call Me The Egg Man (Sonic-Dr.Robotnik)
Why must all the brilliant minds
Be treated like we’re criminals?
We’re destined to be outcasts
Never to receive respect that we deserve

We’re taken by these machinations
Perpetually intrigued in life
The schema of our being is to be
Dissected, who will hold the knife?

Imperfection, misconception
How can I prove what I’m worth

If you refuse to fund my mission,
I’ll make my mission to rule the earth

Or better create my own
A metropolis run by machines
By my own hand I’ll forge this this empire
Of circuits and electricity

Make no mistake
This is not a selfish deed
I refuse to waste my intellect on the foolish and inane

You’ll call me a mad man
And I’ll laugh in your face
I’ll say that I prefer the Egg Man
And I’ll put you in your place

I’d rather live in solitude
With all my pets that I create
If only I could encode compassion
And reprogram all of those who hate

Such a burden
This sagacious mind
That hungers for more information

Synapses rapidly transmit data
As if by automation

Why must you fear
What you don’t understand?
Can’t you see
That I am just a man?

I am undeserving
For you to treat me like a fiend
To banish me from your town
And spread these lies and mockery

I’m no monster
I’m no monster

I am a doctor
I am not insane
I just can’t seem to stop these thoughts from flooding my brain

I have to act
I can’t let myself rest
My body is the humble servant at my mind’s every request

If you could understand
If you could comprehend
I am no evil man- I only need a friend
If you would just believe
Just give me trust
You’ll understand I don’t do this cause I want to,
But rather, I must

If I could place the date and time
I’d choose not the word “decent” for my moral decline

But yes!
I recall it all quite clear
The moment I became the Egg Man, the one that you all fear

I’ve gained enlightenment
From science and its beckon
And I’m enthralled at the thought
That my mind is a weapon

Technology is my means
The means to an end
The tool of which I use to carve
A brand new nation

When mankind finally falls
I will be here to assist
Once something is obsolete
It has no reason to exist

I’m just a common man
I suffer every day
It’s the delusions that I can’t ignore that you should blame

I’m just a common man
I’ll suffer all alone
The only comfort that I seek is from AI and drones

I’m just a common man
I suffer every day
All the delusions that I can’t ignore cause me this pain

I’m just a common man
I’ll suffer all alone
The only comfort that I have is from AI and drones