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M0SHB1T This whole compilation is a wild ride through the full spectrum of emotions, mostly fear, anger and sadness. Fear because it's so unreal good. Anger because it's so heavy that you want to eat your neighbor's dog. And finally sadness because it's already over after 19 epic tracks. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this new masterpiece! Favorite track: Divine Wind.
She Wants The D-Pad
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She Wants The D-Pad Top notch stuff, as always. Favorite track: File Not Found.
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T̕h̛e͘ ̕N-͘Ço͞re ͘L͝i͜ves̕ ̷co͜mp̧ilat̢ions ͢s̛h͢o̷wc̢a͞se ex̵tŕeme mu͡s͜i̧c. ́I҉t͘ ͞isn't your ͘ty͡pical me̶t̀a̷l th̨ou̶gh͟, ͡be͠ça̵u͘se̢ ͜v͏ideo ͟gam̛e sy͘nth̸s͟ a͝n̸d̸ lyr͏įcs̡ ́i͘n͘f̛ect ̶ea͏ch̴ ̛song̕, ͘c̛re͢atin̴g ͏o͟u̷r ̢d̷ȩf͏íni͝t̀i͞v̡ę ͟so̵un̢d̕. S͢o͜me͡tim͢e̡s͢ ͝d͡evel͟op͠e̕r̷s ͡of v̴id҉eo͝ g̵a͜m͟es ̵s͜lip ͘up ͢a̸nd͠ l͢e̶ave s̕o̡m̸ethi͝n̸g̡ sin͠iste̛r ̕lu͘rking ̵i̕n̸ t͞h͠e no̶ok͡s a̛n̷d͟ ̕crannies͠ o̷f their ̛work͜. ͟G̶li͢tc̀h̵es ̷sh̡oẃ u͘p ̡w̨he̸n͞ ͟y̨o҉u ҉lea̴st͠ e̷x̡pe̵cţ ̧thèm̡ an̷d wręak͏ ḩa͘vo̸c on̵ o̢b́l̶i͏vio͝us ch̴a̸rąct̕e͘rs ҉a͝nd̛ ͏w͝oŕld̴s. Śo wh̷at̴ h̸app͏en͞s̶ ͢wh҉e͢n̶ ̴t̀h͘e v̕ideo gam̸e͠s҉ ͘th̡aţ infect ̕o͡ur͞ m͏u̷si̸c ͜ar̴e t͜he̛ms͟e̕l͠ve͜s i̶nf̴èc͡t̷éd w̢i͝th glit́c͠h҉e͝s? N-Co̧r̷e ͝g͏e̛ts̶ ̢G̡l͢i҉tch͘ed!̡


released January 21, 2017

C͏ov͠er ́a͡r͢t by Nįk̛i҉t̕a̢ C̴o͡j́a͡m
͡G͢l͝it́c͢h͜i͜f͘ied ̨b̡y̴ Ta̴ļo̴n ͏Ta͝rt̢er̛



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Nintendocore Lives Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Weekly Words And Grammar - Days of Ruin
Land becomes sea and the sea becomes sky
You’ve lost this conflict and you’ll never know why
Cruel war machines will give new meaning to fear
There’s no escape, there’s nothing left for you here

Displaced, unrendered, your commanders dismembered
As hope is lost, as your army is erased
Disarmed, surrendered, no one left to remember
Your cities burn, your factories laid to waste

Static fills your vision
Stars themselves fall from the heavens

Malignant code flows through digital blood
Your time is up, this battle can’t be won
Track Name: Are You Afraid Of The Dog feat. Shotgun Guy - Corrin
We seem to be outnumbered
Fighting for our lives under digital skies
Painting a portrait of malice
We can’t seem to leave this palace

I’ve been here before, this isn’t déjà vu
Their health never seems to drop, it's always renewed
I did every fucking calculation
How is this happening? I’m growing impatient

Wave after wave
Fight after fight
Will this be the night we save our lives?
Will this be the time we claim what’s mine?

I will unite the lands
For this is the plan
Destiny, or whatever you want to call it
The odds? I can’t seem to call it

It might take hours
It might take days
This could be my thousandth try
I will not die
Every trick in the book
Every calculation
I will unite us all
I will unite us all
Track Name: Blindeyes - Everyday
I boot up my game, and start to play like everyday
Suddenly a fucking glitch, this never happened to me before
I boot up my game, and start to play like everyday
I wonder if it's enough for me to blow up the cartridge
But it's not giving me any result
Suddenly a fucking glitch, this never happened to me before
Track Name: She Wants The D-Pad feat. A Challenger Approaches - Bethesda Produced This Song
Data corrupted?
Oh man, I forgot to save
Been playing this game for 36 hours straight
Grinding and raiding
Collecting for hours
For what?
All this XP I’ll never recover

Are you afraid of the polygon unicorn?
A challenger approaches
He’s wielding a shotgun

Take this as confirmation
Half Life 3, 2017

If you’re getting game overs I feel bad for you son
I’ve got 99 lives but I only need 1

Gordon Freeman is a monster with a crowbar
But that’s not enough to save Black Mesa
SpongeBob games are kind of fun
If you get really drunk and jump behind the wheel of a boat

Been here before I guess I’ll go again
These lines might be stolen
No, they’re my words after all
I’m just screaming the wrong song


Goombas all around me
Eating all of the mushrooms
Genocide commencing
(Poor Toadstool)

Betty Botter bought
A bit o’ bitter butter
(But it was too bitter)

Respawning time feels infinite
Ethernet cable unplugged

Who’s song is this?
How did I end up here?

My boy Micah loves newspapers
Screams about it when he’s on stage

This is getting out of hand now

Mario’s the kind of guy that
Mommy told me not to play with

Have you ever put butter on a pop tart?
It’s so frickin good

Track Name: Feed The Bears - Mega Glitch X
Shooting maverick scum
Spread their guts all over the highway
Pick it up for quick fun
Laser melee, make my day

There’s no limits to this power
Ready to devour
The feast is about to begin
Growing by the hour
I shape shift- they cower
Faster and stronger again

I’ve never seen the likes of this
The console is glowing red
Please dissever this pixel abyss
Alas, it spread instead
Reached for the power
It’s scorching hot
I must fight
Let’s see what this thing’s got

Nothing does damage
You better run
Grab your controller
Let’s have some fun

It grows
It knows my name
Beyond the edges of my screen

I'm here to save you
Red armor rescue
My lightsaber cuts everything
Zero has come back
Now he's on the attack
The mighty glitch is leaving the game

Thankfully the glitch has left
I will never be the same
What else will this infest?
It moves to the next game
Track Name: Shotgun Guy feat. PANDASTAR - Red Falcon Death Faction
As I prepare for
A horribly gruesome war
I am reassuring the entire world
Red Falcon will be no more

Nothing can stop me now
Through all your soldiers I plow
Breezing past corpses I take a bow
I'm the man

Of course my ego left me startled
When my worst nightmare arrived
The physical embodiment of horror
I need reprieve, please save me

As my enemies around me
Endure horrid mutations
My panic begins to set in
Time to search for salvation
The world around me is warping
Into formations impossible to tread
I think it's all over
He's gotten inside of my head

Enemy fire begins to spray
Unavoidable patterns
Huge bullets flying array
I figure if i just push through
I'll be able to find my way

After hours of horrible atrocities
Destroyed reality becomes the true reality
I myself become one with the glitch
Overtaken by that powerful bitch

My discoveries of Red Falcon were so wrong
They're victory was inevitable
Track Name: Polygon Horizon feat. Matthew Wilding - sus.sapien
Lyrics by Unicorn Hole

If I were to look back, I would see a mountain of sin
But I seek redemption, and I'll never turn around again

Amnesty given to me- under one condition:
I put my crooked, former allies out of commission

Shot and left for dead
I stood up instead
For my wife and my son
This deed shall be done

Along my way I have surely made
No shortage of adversaries
But bitter men with guns in tow
Don't even begin to scare me

But what I saw that night
Shook me down to my core
A wretched abomination
Half human, half boar
Eyes bulging from its skull
A blank stare- dead and cold
Skin like the first snowfall
And a soul as black as coal

When my eyes fell upon the beast
I thought "what hath God wrought?"
When its eyes fell upon me I knew
"Of God" this thing was not
A mistake- an aberration
Some deranged, demented thought
How could such a thing exist?
"Of God" this thing was not
Track Name: Particle Damage - Pick Up the Phone, Hear it EXPLODE!
Running through the woods being chased a man.
His face is distorted, but he still looks kind of sad.
He catches me by my broken spine
And brings his tongue up to my ear
And whispers everything that I never want to hear.

I'm the kind of guy who runs from his problems.

I fucked the mantis so she ripped off my glitched head.
(she hung it over the fireplace)

I'm clinging to the walls made of grafted skin.
I fucked the mantis, fucked the mantis!
My mouth will devour your mouth.

Pick up the phone, it's that time again!
Hear it explode! So answer! Answer! Answer! Answer!
Track Name: Unicorn Hole - Divine Wind
Once again, hoard gone with the wind
They failed to defend but they tend to amend
Except they've vanished too, banished to the blue
Gone with the island home we once knew

I saw it all fall into the maw
Saw the world withdraw, I was left enthralled
The only thing, it seems, in the sky was me
And there's just one thing left on top of the sea

The ocean opened up, and swallowed everything that I knew
Now in a world of blue there is only me and you

You pursued a feud, subdued my crew
I viewed the crude prelude to this solitude
I say "why stand by?" "Goodbye" to my allies
And I reply to your war cry

Seems the king we'd known is overthrown and gone
His ship slipped from his grip, and claimed as your own
You deployed, destroyed, hope you've enjoyed the void
Cause right now I'm coming down and I'm a bit annoyed

I don't know who you are
Can't fathom what you've done
We're the only two left
And I say let's make it one

Shots fire, the plot's dire
Bullet blots allot, now expire!
Provoked, smoke cloaks your boat
I hope it's broke, I hope you choke

Bow clear now, I fear how
Survival allowed, you should be plowed
Unfazed, you gaze my way, crazed head raised
I'm dazed, I stray away and I appraise
This is the end of days

I assailed knowing well it would fail
I won't prevail but you won't sail unailed
Ready to do what I have to
To undo you, and I pray to renew

I don't know what you are
Can't fathom what you've done
We're the only two left
And I say let's make it none

Immune to weapons- somehow I figured so
Could this work? I am sure that I don't know
Judgement from up above- does justice exist?
Will we go unmissed? Will our world untwist?
Track Name: Falcon Pawnch feat. Andy G - Kart Collusion
Oh, our game has been compromised
Now is the time to rise
Here I am in first place
When this guy cruises past me through a fucking wall!

Here I am shooting red shells
Hell, there’s even a few blue
I will unite with the plumber brothers
And even my frog friend too
This may be a competitive race
But team work is our only chance
Cuz this guy just spawned
Sixty thousand freaking banana peels

How the hell is this racer doing this?
He’s flying over crabs at the beach
He’s jumping over gophers at the farm
He’s blowing up trains!

Here comes that oversized gorilla, and he has got a star

He’s trying to run over the glitch racer but to no avail
What can we do to take this guy down? He seems invincible
If only someone would get a lightning bolt

Here comes the princess and she’s got a bolt
Oh man, she’s zapping him
And she’s shrinking his bitch ass all the way out of my game
We didn’t even have to pop any of his balloons
Track Name: Anti-PizzaBoy feat. Thy Harvesting - Virtual Nightmare
We are prisoners to a virtual nightmare

Welcome to a world where we held no regrets
A single concept lead our problems to forget
A virtual dream deemed perfect at the seams
But by all means... things aren't what they seemed

Traversing digital horizons
We are the vanguard of hope
Though we suffer a cruel fate
These coded ties won't stop us now!
We won't give in to this nightmare
We trained and honed our skills
Now my fellow guilds...
Let's face the castle of DEATH

Imprisoned in this mainframe
I've seen my friends fucking die
You will pay for this curse
I'll erase you from your own fucking game!
How could you be so heartless
Trapping innocent lives in augmented darkness!
Your self-absorbed nihilistic views will be the death of you!

Now we stand together,
We hold our swords we hold our bows to these endless skies!
In honor of those who couldn't make it
Your efforts, your dreams, will lead us to victory!

Entering the final floors, challenging the grandeur of foes
Warriors we strive forward, healers they empower us!

Opening the final door, finally we meet face to face
With the clash of our blades, the time's now to settle our fates

The fabrics of this world... begin to crumble away
With your head in my hand, we awaken to salvation
Track Name: Muffin & Cupcake - Save Again
I have the same repeating dream
Of being pursued to my end
By the identical dreaded presence
That plagues me again and again

A frozen scene before me
Muscles spasm uncontrollably
There’s nowhere to go, no way to fix this
The reset button jeering, taunting

Do you have any earthly idea
Of just how far I’ve travelled?
How many citizens I’ve saved?
Villains’ plots unraveled?

My palms are sweating from the weight of the purpose I carry
But now they hit the dusty ground
Where my progress is buried

And even though I pressed save
It was not near recent enough
I just got carried away
Then dealt a sentence much too tough

It’s not my fault this happened
There’s not a soul to blame
But the spirit of the glitch
Who aches to have ultimate reign

It preys on all of us
From the pros to the noobs
Even the best precautions
Can result in deadly news

If you’re of the lucky few
And don’t know of whom I speak

It’s just a matter of time
Before fresh blood it seeks

Fresh blood it seeks

Be aware
Of your progress
And save again
If you second guess

Watch your back
And those around you
The spirit of the glitch surrounds you
Track Name: Glitch City Cafe feat. Dustin E and Unicorn Hole - The Fault Obscene
When I decided I'd become a trainer
I knew that I would face many dangers
But my pets- my friends- would have my back
My foes they'd dutifully attack

But something has gone wrong
Something's here that doesn't belong
Now everything has changed
Our world's been rearranged
A small island in the southwest sea
An unstable entity
Now awakened and set free
Disturbing reality

Forced for the first time to come to blows
Blocked in by our old friends, so now we know
But our wounds aren't so easily healed
How could this be our fate? This is unreal!

The fault obscene- the fiend- it haunts my every dream
The natural laws demeaned- can't believe what we've seen

There has to be something that we can do
To turn the tides- we can't weather it through
Of all of the strange and magical things
Something must stop this glitch and the woes that it brings

When I decided to become a trainer
I met a rather eccentric stranger

Soon after some coffee the old man taught me
How my animal friends could be caught
He didn't seem to have companions of his own
He tossed the ball carefree, as if skipping a stone

I know the old man knows more than what he let on
I head back to the forest town, oh please don't be gone