Dungeon Crawler

by Various Artists

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Layne Wixom
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Layne Wixom Sincerely gets better and better every time. My favorite songs are the first 2 and the last 2 of the album. But this has been a strong showing from every artist. I am proud to be part of the Nintendocore Lives community. I can't wait to see what the next album will be. :) Favorite track: Solitare [Confinement].
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Welp, now's the time. We just installed the patch, and we're no longer Glitched! It's time now for us to enter this dungeon and beat the boss! Join us digging deep into this cryptic maze, slaying our foes, collecting the necessary tools, and facing our internal feat. Will we make it? Can we beat the boss? Let's crawl deep into this dungeon and find out our fate in the N-Core Lives exclusive: Dungeon Crawler


released June 16, 2017

Artwork by Cory Curly Swope



all rights reserved


Nintendocore Lives Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Unicorn Hole feat. Dustin E - Enter Dungeon
The day has come, this is my fate
Finally over, my lifelong wait

The day has come, I finally arrive
Those trying months I have survived
Those frigid summits I have scaled
Those raging rivers I have sailed
Those rotten rations I have endured
Could never counter its great allure
There is no looking back from here on
This is my fate and my past is gone

The day has come
The dungeon lies before me
The relic I've waited my life to see
The entrance more grand than in my dreams
It beckons me- it calls- it gleams

It's almost as if I've been here before
As if I was born tied to the lore
I'll venture within, I'll locate the core
But I'll bask in its greatness for one moment more

I've trained for years- overcome all my fears
I've cleared my mind, and left my home behind

With my sword I'll slay my foes
Or those remote with fired arrows
With my shield I will break blows
With courage dispel the shadows

I shove the stone slab to the side
The foyer alone has me mystified
The architecture, the aesthetic
Expertly crafted brick by brick

The day has come
The staircase lies before me
Leads down beyond where eyes can see
To traps and treasures and creatures vile
To my destiny- to my fated trial
Track Name: Starcutter feat. Mitch R - The Descent
When I descend the stairs,
As I arrive
A ghastly moan tears the air
And I come alive

I find an open room,
Zombies turn to face me
My heart starts to boom
I draw my sword and charge forward

The undead are slow
This I know
I just avoid their bite
And swing with all my might

This Tomb reeks of looming doom
But with greater danger
Comes a heightened pleasure
When I finally find this treasure

I continue to push forward
No indication of what lies ahead
I put my faith in my sword
None shall remain where I’ve tread

This is my destiny
I have the strength in me
This ancient treasury
Will save my family

The next room holds a puzzle
This one seems pretty simple
A button on the floor
A box by the door

One more switch on the ground
Straight to it I did bound
But it’s not like before
And the floor reveals a trapdoor

As I plummet down
I find no solid ground
Only sharp spikes below
So my grappling hook I throw

This Tomb reeks of looming doom
But with greater danger
Comes a heightened pleasure
When I finally find this treasure

Alone in the last room
A monstrous rat blocks my path
His red eyes pierce the gloom
This foe will feel my wrath

This one is much faster
And even stronger too
Clearly this floor’s master
I know what I must do

But even this great threat
Is merely just a pawn
I must complete this test
So I press on
Track Name: Feed The Bears - Dungeon Dingus
My excitement has all faded
These monsters are all basic
I must be the best hero ever
Desperate for a worthy endeavor

Don’t think I need this sword
Or health to be restored
Who wants to take a chance?
Bitch, I came here to dance

Turned on auto-attack
These slime things are real cute
They all need to stand back
Or I’ll squash them with my boot

Maybe I’ll just fake it
Take this dungeon on naked
These weak beasts are shaking
I thought the treasure here was sacred

Dying from boredom
Make me a legend
The townsfolk all adore him
Tons of gold they reward him

I want buttloads of gold
More than this bag will fit
Flood it in my household
And Scrooge McDuck that shit

A new enemy approaches
Never heard of before
I spot some scattering roaches
And it bellowed a deep roar

Drawing my arrow
Struck right in the eye
Claws out its own eyeball
Sends chills down my spine

It starts striking me with fire
I stop, drop, and rolled
My sword is ineffective
A burst of flames projected

Crash into a wall
Damn my health is getting low
Healing is no use at all
I need to make the final blow

I thought that I would be dead
Luckily my next arrow
Shot through its head

The remains dismember
It was a lizard filled with embers
Maybe that’s my cue to run
What deeper challenges are to come?

And still I'll rise
Put my life on the line for this
In castle town
They'll all know what my name is
Track Name: SWIMlovesyou feat. Starcutter - Batfish
Fuck, that was close!
What the fuck was that?!
They’ve got the bodies of fish
And the fuckin’ faces of bats!

They’re so biiiiiiig,
They could knock over trees.
I think this tunnel’s safe,
I’m crawling on my knees!

This is my endeavor!
I’m tight under pressure!
Can’t get swallowed by terror!

So fuck the world!
And you can lick my pecker!
Oh god… don’t cry.
I don’t want to die!

I don’t want to be a casualty
Of vice, hubris, or greed.
If there’s a god, or deity:
I hope they’ll see and pity me.

Who would be convinced?
I’m such a stupid prick,
I won’t be missed, I never persist.
I’m gone and forgotten, I don’t exist.

I’m so fucking dumb!
Nowhere left to run!

The path behind has sealed itself,
Sweat dripping and pooling off my belt.
Just a few steps away from hell,
I won’t get a funeral bell, but...
Shit, I’ve still got this music box…

The world’s still, like I took a pill,
My mind’s racing, my brain pacing,
My lungs fill, I’ve got to chill,
Need to keep my body still.

They like music,
I need to abuse it,
I can disappear,
I just need to be elusive.

Hide behind the rocks,
Throw the music box,
Split like I fucked a bitch,
I’m gonna be rich!

Fuck those fish!
I got this shit!
Yo fuck per-mits! (permits are a type of fish…)
Escape the pit!

Track Name: Shotgun Guy Feat. Feed The Bears - Mental War
I feel a strange atmosphere
In the air, right here
Or maybe it's my mind
Locked in a ritual bind
I'm not sure
If I'm safe or not
But I think at least that I'm alone

Think again
My mind tells itself without my will
Face the end
A voice I hear, it sounds so shrill
The fight begins
But I can't see my enemy
I swing my sword 'round aimlessly

As I'm dealt the harshest of blows
I raise my shield and I raise my bow
Eyeballing a tiny hole I noticed in the wall
My arrow flies through, causing the wall to fall
I'm thrown to the ground, but I am no longer blind

Large machines, mechanical and lifeless are seen
Controlling cloaked arms, like those of a god

My bombs will destroy these abominations
Artificial gods will always be flawed
But this is still a mental maze
I see the end, somehow it's too far away

As I analyze my surroundings closely
Peripheral revelation, I've found my way
My grappling hook locks into place

These gods not yet dead
I fight a mental war
Inside my head
The worse kind of sore

Crashing down, I'm nearly incapacitated
But I move on, borderline inebriated

Their powers increase as we battle
And mine weaken
I must find an easy way out
A safe beacon
I scan the walls in search of something, some secret release
A handle in the corner seems to be my only relief

I stride forward toward such a thing

I lock my grappling hook onto the handle
And away I run, as fast as I can
Pulling as hard as my strength allows
I reveal a massive mechanical god

As I fend off the continued attack, I may not see
But their pattern is quite predictable
I strategically plant a few more bombs
The final end, to the artificial god
Track Name: Weekly Words And Grammar - Tattered Veil
I descend deeper into the darkness and gloom

The sweat drips down my face, can’t catch my breath
A tattered veil to stand between my victory or death
I grip my sword in hand, I must not fall
I have to venture on so I can take it all

The shadows lengthen, twist into beings of claws and teeth
Somehow I stand
And vanquish all these creatures from beneath
No time to pause or rest; I can’t give up
I give everything that I have but will it be enough?

The sweat drips down my face, can’t catch my breath
A tattered veil to stand between my victory or death
I grip my sword in hand, I must not fall
I have to venture on so I can take it all

Treasures are left behind, anything that could weigh me down
I hardly glance as I pass gems on the ground
The copper taste of blood somehow in my mouth
Is it my own, or was it spilled from someone else?

The sweat drips down my face, can’t catch my breath
A tattered veil to stand between my victory or death
I grip my sword in hand, I must not fall
I have to venture on so I can take it all
Track Name: Anti-PizzaBoy feat. Crashie Tunez - Promise Of The Beast
Room after room
Each harder than the last
You'll never reach me
As long as your heart remains glass

These walls were built on hatred and greed
Something the human race has mastered so well
Those sacred shrines met with your deceit
Unto the gods I declare your eternal farewell

Suffer at the claws of fate
Unholy intentions slowly become of you

Stand back
Ain't nothing gonna get passed me
Take a look around
Carcasses surround

"Mother can you hear me?!"
Track Name: Are You Afraid Of The Dog & She Wants The D-Pad - Shambled Legacy (feat. Shotgun Guy)
From the outside looking in
It would appear
That I'm victorious
In my wildest dreams
I could never
Have conjured such horror

Oh what I would give
To finally find some answers
That is my true journey
That is history
Engulfed by confidence
But it's such a facade
I'll wear this like a mask
I swear I'll bathe in blood

Am I solely devoted
To a shambled legacy
I couldn't a give a fuck anymore
Leave me here for all to see

I swear this is turning around
All these additions to a kill count
I'm scared I'll reverse it around

A lie!!!!
I miss my friends and my home.
I guess I don't want to die
A lie!!!!
My pessimism seems eternal
Etched into the fabric of time

As I take quick rest and admire the architecture
I realize I've grown tired of adventure
I've grown tired of potential
I've grown tired of everything
I remember believing in destiny
I remember believing things would be okay
I remember when the days didn't blend together
I remember when I used to sleep
I used to dream of riches
I used to dream of honor
Now it's only nightmares
I don't aspire for anything

Mending wounds
Just to go out and make them
Diamonds and gold
Such an elaborate statement
Turn the key
Unlock the door
Here I am
I couldn't give a fuck anymore

This my may be my magnum opus
I'm worn down, so tired and hopeless
I don't know why I bother
Creating constantly
Leave me be.
Track Name: A Challenger Approaches - Perpetual Puzzle (feat. Muffin)
Here I find myself, engulfed in silence
Surrounded by granite, isolated in darkness
Torches illuminating passages that are
Indistinguishable from one another
Patience dwindling, sanity fleeting,
Hopelessness setting in


I have come way too far,
To let myself die
And all my promises be broken and turned into lies
But like the ghouls I have defeated
Doomed to wander these halls
I’ve become enslaved by a puzzle that I just can’t solve

All these tiles are coalescing
Taunting me from every side
I recognize this very structure
I swear I’ve passed it twice this time

Seamless repetition, looping hallways only lit by flame
This labyrinth must be overcome, lest my efforts be in vain

Trapped beneath
Devoid of light
In stone and silence
I proceed forthright
Corridors stretch
An endless span
And as I progress
I’m still where I began

Disembodies whispers echo
The unfeigned sneers of death are these,
Enchanting bones with its dark magic
To rise, now my enemies
I draw my sword to quell this evil,
I stab and slash while time feels still,
Yet I leave behind no traces,
Remains vanish after every kill

As my foes are disintegrating
One by one they leave behind
Gold and gems arranged in piles
That I gladly take as mine

This outcome is repeated, they die and magically are set ablaze
Embers dim, and I’m alone again to navigate this maze

[Internal Guiding Voice:]
Look deep within
Think where you’ve been
Behind each wall
Expose what’s hidden

I hear a familiar voice
To help me find my way
So I can make it out alive
So I can live to see the day

I’ll retrace my steps
To find what I missed
The clues are right in front of me
I must expose what’s hidden

The answer was not to keep pushing on
Rather I must go where I’ve already gone

Secrets line these catacombs
My exit must be drawing near
But I find these walls are empty
As ubiquitous laughter bombards my ears

(Vocals and lyrics by A Challenger Approaches
Featuring additional vocals by Muffin (from Muffin & Cupcake) as the Internal Guiding Voice)
Track Name: Proto Buster - the Deepest Of Dungeons
And deeper!
I don't know where I'm going!
And deeper!
I don't know where I am!

Here I am, in the deepest of dungeons
Miles below where I started from
Where I am, I have no idea
But I must keep soldiering on

Hey, what is that?
What is that?
What is that behind me?

Hey, what is that?
What is that?
Something watching me!

I don't care anymore, just get me out of here
What was that, I can't trust my own eyes anymore

Oh god
It is
Right there
Right behind me
Track Name: Robin H. Bonnet - Fallow Lair Of The Aspired Recognition
Once upon a time
I was praised as a hero
My fame was in its prime
Insecurities equaled zero

Now I’m crawling down
This endless void of misery
On a journey to find myself
To bring back the days of glory

With my eyes still closed
Drowning in my boast
Retained by sere memento
Battling the dawn of realization
That I’m not god

Day for day, year for year
Creeping down and down
Perceiving this lair is mine
Staying here forever feels fine

I am not an error
Even when they used to call me
Self-created foes will witness the terror
Of my insecurities
Track Name: She Wants The D-Pad & ZOMBIESHARK! - Solitare [Confinement]
I am not well
Can’t you see?
I’m living off of borrowed time and I’m getting angry
I don’t know who that is standing in the mirror anymore
I've lost my fucking mind

I'm running out of places
To hide from smiling faces
There's demons in these mazes
There are no more ways to escape this
(Demons will not let me escape this)

No one can hear you scream
Your god can't save you now
No one to free your head
And to be honest
You're better fucking off dead

No one can ever see
No one can ever know
The horror I've become
Or what this dungeon has done to me
(Or just what the fuck this dungeon's done to me)

I found out the fucking hard way
You don’t understand how fucking cruel life can be

I can feel my mind slipping
I can feel my heart stopping
All I know is that I will never be the fucking same

Bend at your knee
You just do not own your body
I can see through your eyes now
I am your god inside your head
Pray for your own death, god can not hear you

I just want to fucking die
Kill me
I don’t want to be alive
Kill me

I just want death
Please kill me
I don’t want to be alive
Track Name: Zorldo Kang - Mirrors
I always hoped it wouldn't end like this,
Lost deep in this lonely labyrinth.
Destinations reached and the walls I've breached,
Yet I still haven't found what I need.

There will be no rescue party.
Yeah, I will rot in this place.

Frantic. Now I'm frantic.
Retrace the steps and see the shit I've slain.
Panic. Now I'll panic.
Retrace your steps.

This is not what I had in mind
When I told them all goodbye.

I hear a voice call.
I hear it screaming my name:
"This will be your grave!"

Mirrors. I see mirrors.
Reflect a man who's inflicted pain.
Solutions. No solutions.
This villain's life I have sworn to take.

This is not what I had in mind
when I told them all goodbye.

I beg forgiveness for what I must do.
I must take the life of me, or I think it's you?
These trial answers, this mirror reflects.
Deep in this dungeon your soul shall rest.